About us

Heavy 1 Der Klare Energy Drink

Heavy 1 is the successful product of the innovative medium-sized German company Heavy 1 World GmbH. The high-quality, clear and refreshing smart energy drink is manufactured in Germany under the strictest quality controls and is the trademark of the up-and-coming family business.

The company attaches great importance to the special unique selling points of the Made in Germany product. For production, the company relies on the highest quality. Thus, the energy drink is produced from the renowned mineral water sources of the Volcanic Eifel to obtain a sustainable and high-quality product.

Quality controls of the product are carried out by Fresenius laboratories. The sustainable product quality is underpinned by the award of the Pharmamazentralnummer (PZN) to Heavy 1 by the IFA.
The company is based in Sankt Augustin in the Rhineland, south of Cologne.